Rooflight Fasteners

Powerdrive DXW Fasteners
Powerdrive DXW Rooflight Fasteners are self-drilling and are specifically designed to efficiently fasten rooflight profile sheets. The large wings help ease and accommodate the stress, often caused by the expansion/contraction (due to daily temperature change) of the rooflight sheets against the shank of the fastener.

The winged design on the DXW Fastener perforates a sizeable hole on a rooflight profile sheet upon fastening, providing enough leeway for thermal expansion with less shear strain on the fastener.

Rooflight profiled sheets are generally made of glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) or thermoplastic (PVC, Poly-carbonate) material that have higher coefficient of thermal expansion; greater sheet expansion/contraction put stress on the shank of fasteners, possibly shearing them. Refer to our   [ Tools ]   section for a compiled list of materials’ coefficients of thermal expansion, along with a thermal expansion calculator.

Part No. d x L (mm) Part No. dia (mm) – Description
DXW665HO (JC3) 5.5 x 65 D26.000 26mm – EPDM Dome Washer
DXW675HO (JC3) 5.5 x 75 ZCW.000 25mm – Galvalume Conical Washer
ZSW.000 35mm – Galvalume Saddle Washer

Technical Information

Coating Corrosion
Breaking Loads, kN
Tensile Shear
Zinc/tin 25~ microns,
Mechanical coating
AS 3566 Class 3 12.50 9.80

*Note: Always apply appropriate safety factor.